what's in the fridge?

Okay, I hate to admit that a few months ago, the fridge was where most of my food went to die. Yikes, I know. Things would get hidden in a drawer or clear in the back where I couldn't see, and by the time I would find them, they had gone bad.

NOW, with my organization and cleaning system, I can see everything and know when it's time to throw something out. No more hidden, rotten food in this fridge!

Are you wondering if this is worth all the work and hype? Let me tell you why I think it is!

Once your system is in place, it creates less food waste, no food getting lost or dying in the back of the fridge. Along with no food getting lost, no mystery smells! Lets, be honest, it looks good! When you can see what you have, you don't overbuy.

START by taking everything out and wiping out your fridge. You can adjust your shelves if need be. Throw out any old and expired food. THEN we move onto creating a system that fits your family.

Your fridge is going to look different than mine, and that's okay! When setting up your system, think about these three main topics

1) group similar items together

2) grab and go or snack

3) leftover's

Here are a few inspiring organizational ideas.

Now let's chat about some of my favorite bins for the fridge!

1.|2.| 3.|4.|5.|6.

1) A turn table is ALWAYS a good idea. Its not pictured in my post because I was waiting for it to arrive, but I put a turn table on my second shelf for salsas and guacamole. This would be a great option for your conditments.

2) These are my favorite bins. They are the perfect length and width. I store my protein drinks, Scarlets pediaure, and yogurt in them. Your options are endless.

3) Water bottle holder, yes please.

4) Obviously this is a great option for cans! It does take up some space, but it can store a lot! My husband loves soda and not just one flavor so I chose lining them up. Either is a great option.

5) Stackable bins! These are a great option for fruit and vegetables or grab and go snacks.

6) This is your basic M Design clear bin. You really can't go wrong so I thought I would throw this one in the mix. You can fix just about anything in this one.

AND, there you have it. Fridge organization. My advice to you. Get started and see what you like. If you have questions shoot me a email or DM!


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